Our Services

Residential Electrical

Our staff collectively has hundreds of years of Residential Electrical Service experience. With this experience comes the knowledge, skills, and understanding of residential construction that allows us to perform any type of installation, remodeling or repair in an efficient, non-intrusive manner.

Commercial Electrical

Our team of Electrical Engineers and highly-trained Electricians will assess a client’s needs and recommend a custom solution that meets the client’s requirements, schedule and budget.  Some of our business relationships are decades old and our Commercial Electrical Service clients consider us partners in their continued growth and prosperity.

Retail Electrical

We understand that electrical and lighting problems can affect safety and loss of revenue in a retail environment.  We offer fast, professional scheduling to ensure that repairs are accomplished quickly and completely. Our highly-trained Electricians will not only perform the required installation or repair, but will follow each clients’ prescribed verification and documentation procedures to the letter.

Small Projects

Sequoia Electrical considers every project no matter what the size weather it’s a small installation or dinner fixture. We’re there for you!

Electrical & Lighting Supply

Sequoia Electrical is happy to provide supplies to other electrical contractors if needed.

Big Projects

Our staff understands the time, budget and staffing constraints faced by Property Management Electrical Service clients.  We provide the knowledge and expertise that Property Managers know that they can rely on when their staff does not have the resources to complete an electrical or lighting installation or repair project.